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IBL On the Move


  • The participant must compete alone in all 3 events
  • The entry fee is MUR800, with the option of making an extra donation
  • The participant may take out an insurance cover for an additional fee of MUR305
  • The participant must have read the waiver and release of liability as well as the event rules

Swimming (750m), mountain bike (20km) and running (6km)

Swimming 750m + Mountain bike 20km + Running 6km

  • Registration: 5.45 to 6.45
  • Start: 7.00, from the pontoon at Azuri, Rivière du Rempart
  • Estimated time for the race: 3 hours
  • Maximum time allowed: 4 hours
  • A water point available at half-way for the MTB and the Running


Rule 1: Registration

Any person up to the age of 65 may enter the competition.
Minimum age restrictions:

  • A minimum age of 16 years old is required to run the Triathlon, The Relay, SOLO MTB 40KM and SOLO Running 12KM
  • The SOLO Running 6KM is open to all

The participants’ age on 31 December 2019 determines their respective categories:

  • Minors must provide a parental authorization to register for any race

For persons aged less than 18 parental consent is required to approve the registration of a participating minor. (The consent should be sent by email on [email protected] )


Online registration on www.iblonthemove.com is open from 15 January 2019 to 8 March 2019 and for printed registration from 15 January 2019 to 6 March 2019. The final date for payment of the entry fee is 16 March 2019. No entries will be accepted after these dates.

Rule 2: Entry fee

The entry fee is MUR800. Once payment has been made, no refund will be granted in the event of a withdrawal.

Rule 3: Equipment and transport

  • Participants are responsible for the transport of their sports equipment throughout the route.
  • Participants are responsible for their own transport.
  • All cycling participants must have a bike helmet.
  • Participants must have at least 1 litre of drinking water with them.

Rule 4: Entries

Each entry is personal, firm and definitive, for which no refund on any grounds whatsoever shall be granted. No transfer of entries shall be allowed whatever the reason. Any person transferring their race number to a third party shall be considered liable in the event of an accident occurring or being caused by this third party during the race.

Rule 5: The IBL Sporting Code

Every participant undertakes to adopt and respect the IBL sporting code throughout the event, namely:

  • Comply with the rules for the event
  • Respect the sponsors and organisers
  • Respect the other participants
  • Exercise self-control in all circumstances
  • Avoid using any communal language
  • Be exemplary, generous and tolerant
  • Respect the environment
  • Play fair

Rule 6: Issue of number bibs

The number bibs for the relay race will be issued one week before.


No bib will be sent by post nor issued on the actual day of the event.

Rule 7: Health services and road safety

The emergency and medical services covering the event may decide to remove from the race any competitor for medical reasons. Any competitor who has been thus removed and who decides to continue the race shall assume full responsibility for their decision, and the event organisers shall not be held responsible in the case of an accident.


Every participant aged 18 and above may take out insurance cover for MUR25000 when registering for the event for an additional fee of MUR305 per participant. All extra charges shall be their sole responsibility. If a participant decides not to take out any insurance, they will be solely liable for all medical expenses in the event of an accident or injury requiring hospital treatment.


The race marshals and the police will be responsible for road safety. However, it is essential that all participants respect the Highway Code. The roads to be used for the mountain bike race and the running event will remain open to normal traffic.

Rule 8: Prizes

Medals and cups will be awarded on the spot at Azuri.

Categories of participants and rankings:

For the following races: Triathlon, Relay, SOLO MTB 40KM, SOLO Running 12KM and SOLO Running 6KM the 1st 3 Men and the 1st 3 Women will be podium winners.

ONLY for the SOLO Running 6KM a children ranking as below will apply:

  • Under 11 – 3 1st boys and 3 1st girls
  • Under 14 – 3 1st boys and 3 1st girls
  • Junior 15-18 years old- 3 1st boys and 3 1st girls

Rule 9: Disqualification/Quitting

Any participant exceeding the maximum time allowed for the cycling, running and swimming legs will be disqualified.


  • Maximum time allowed: 4 hours

The organisers of the IBL On The Move relay race reserve the right to disqualify a participant for cheating or failure to comply with the IBL Sporting Code.


Supplying a triathlete with food and drink during the race or following a triathlete on the route is strictly forbidden.


The use of fins and tuba is strictly forbidden during the swimming leg and will result in disqualification.

  • The race number bibs will be issued a week before the event. The organisers will inform you later of the time and place.
  • All participants are responsible for their own transport as well as that of their sports equipment (bikes).
  • All participants must provide their own equipment to take part in IBL On The Move.
  • All cycling participants must have a bike helmet.
  • All participants in the running and cycling events must carry at least 1 litre of water.
  • Sandwiches and a soft drink (water and fizzy drink) will be distributed to each participant at the end of the race.
  • The route will be marked out and secured by race marshals and the police.
  • Two ambulances and a medical team will also be present.



  • The restaurants in Azuri village will be open to the public.

Date and Times

  • Date: Saturday 30th of March 2019
  • Starting time for the earliest races: 7.00
  • Finishing time for the whole event: 13.30


  • Parking will be available in the Azuri complex as well as at Mon Loisir sugar factory area with a transport connexion service.


  • A security service will be present in the parking area.
  • An ambulance and a medical team will be on site.


Every participant may take out insurance cover for MUR25,000 for injury requiring hospital treatment. All extra charges shall be their sole responsibility. This option carries an additional fee of MUR305 per person.



  •  Death :  Rs.500,000.-
  •  Permanent Disablement :  Rs.500,000.-
  •  Medical Expenses :  Rs.25,000.- per accident



  • Rs500.- in respect of Medical Expenses only.


Territorial Limits

  • Mauritius


Premium per participant

  • Rs. 305.-


Main Exclusion

  • Excluding races involving mechanically propelled engine.



  • Ambulances will be present on site at three strategic points.
  • Medical Expenses Limit includes taxi fares to & from clinic/doctor in case the Ambulance is not available
  • Age limit: 16 to 65 years old

Race track

Mountain Bike 20KM

Running 6KM


March 30
7:00 am - 1:30 pm
Event Category:


Rivière du Rempart Mauritius + Google Map

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