The below rules and regulations are applicable to all races (solo, relay and triathlon) except if otherwise specified.

1. Age restrictions

Any person from 6 to 75 years old may enter the competition subject to the below rules.

1.1 Solo MTB and running competitions

Minimum age of 16 years old is required for the SOLO MTB 40KM and SOLO 12KM running.

A minimum of 6 years old is required to take part in the SOLO 6KM running.

For children and teenagers aged less than 18, parents must provide a parental authorization by reading and approving the parental consent document during online registration.

Online registrations on are open from 15th February to 31st March 2023. Payment must
be made within 48 hours of registration, otherwise registration will not be valid.

1.2 Relay and Triathlon competitions

A minimum age of 16 years old is required to run the Solo Triathlon. Any person that registers for the Solo Triathlon will have to submit a valid medical certificate or triathlon club license (dated 12 months within the race date).

A minimum age of 16 years old is required for the swimming and cycling part of the relay. Any person from 6 to 75 years old may run the 6km part of the relay.

For minors and teenagers aged less than 18 years old, parents must provide a parental authorization by reading and approving the parental consent document during online registration.

Any participant over 65 years old will have to submit a valid medical certificate or a triathlon club license (specific to the Triathlon Solo) (dated 12 months within the race date).

Online registrations on are open from 1st February to 15th of March 2023. Payment must be made within 48 hours of registration.


2. Registration fees 

Registration fees below will be applied:

Race Fee (Rs.)
6KM Solo 500
12KM Solo 600
40KM MTB Solo 600
Triathlon Solo 800
Triathlon Relay 1,500 total (500 per participant)

3. Entries

Each entry is personal, firm and definitive, for which no refund on any grounds whatsoever shall be  granted. No refund will be granted in the event of a participant’s withdrawal.

No transfer of entries shall be allowed for whatever reason. Any person transferring their race number to a third party shall be considered liable in the event of an accident occurring or being  caused by this third party during the race.

4. Prizes

Prizes will be awarded on the same day at Azuri.

For the following races: Triathlon, SOLO MTB 40KM, SOLO Running 12KM and SOLO Running 6KM the first 3 women and the first 3 men will be podium winners.

For the relay race, teams can be women only, men only or mixed. The first 3 teams will be podium winners.

ONLY for the SOLO Running 6KM a children ranking as below will apply:
8-10 year old – first 3 girls and first 3 boys
11-13 year old – first 3 girls and first 3 boys
14-17 years old – first 3 girls and first 3 boys

5. Equipment and transport

Participants are responsible for the transport of their sports equipment throughout the route.

Participants are responsible for their own transport.

All cycling participants must have a bike helmet.

All mountain bikers and runners must carry at least 1 litre of drinking water.

6. The IBL Sporting Code

Every participant undertakes to adopt and respect the IBL sporting code throughout the event, namely:

  • Comply with the rules for the sporting event
  • Respect the sponsors, organisers, volunteers, photographs, policemen and anyone playing a role in the success of the event
  • Respect the other participants
  • Exercise self-control in all circumstances
  • Avoid using any communal language
  • Be exemplary, generous and tolerant
  • Respect the environment
  • Play fair.

7. Issue of number bibs

The number bibs for the triathlon race will be issued a few days before the event. No bib will be sent by post nor issued on the actual day of the event.

8. Health services and road safety

The emergency and medical services covering the sporting event may decide to remove from the race any competitor for medical reasons. Any competitor who has been thus removed and who decides to  continue the race shall assume full responsibility for her/his decision, and the event organisers shall  not be held responsible in the case of an accident.

Every participant aged 18 years old and above subscribe to an insurance cover for MUR 25,000 when registering for the event for an additional fee of MUR 305 per participant. All extra charges shall be their sole responsibility. If a participant decides not to take out any insurance, they will be solely liable for all  medical expenses in the event of an accident or injury requiring hospital treatment.

The race marshals and the police will be responsible for road safety. However, it is essential that all  participants respect the Highway Code. The roads to be used for the mountain bike race and the running event will remain open to normal traffic.

9. Disqualification/Quitting

Any incomplete team showing up on the day of the event will be disqualified from the relay.

Anyone wishing to drop out during the course automatically disqualifies their relay team.

Exceeding the maximum time allowed for cycling, running, swimming leads to the disqualification of the participant. The maximum time allowed to finish each competition is:

  • Swimming: 1 hour
  • Mountain bike: 2 hours
Solo Triathlon
  • Maximum time allowed: 4 hours.
Solo Races
  • 6km run: none
  • 12km run: none
  • 40km MTB: 3h30h / 2h30h at checkpoint

10. Participants declarations (to read carefully)

By virtue of my registration as a participant on the IBL on the Move website (, I hereby acknowledge having read and agreed to the obligations arising from the statements that follow.

I affirm that I am physically and morally fit to participate in the proposed activities and I confirm that my sports equipment is in good condition, so I disengage IBL Ltd and its subsidiary companies as well as their officers, employees, directors, shareholders, partners, sub-contractors, volunteers, affiliates from all sides (hereinafter « IBL Group »), of any liability in the event of accidents, minor, serious or  fatal injuries as a result of non-disclosure of medical information or in case of accident due to negligence or caused by my sports equipment. In consideration of the services offered by IBL Group, I declare, accept and acknowledge the following:

  1. I shall read and respect the rules and regulations of the IBL On the Move 2023 sporting event.
  2. I shall take responsibility for the risks inherent in the sport activities I decided to take part in.
  3.  I confirm that I am informed that I have the possibility of subscribing to an insurance cover in the event of an accident or injury requiring clinical care, up to Rs 25,000 for a premium of Rs. 305 (not included in the registration fees). Any additional costs will be at my expense.
  4. If I decide not to take out insurance, I shall take full responsibility for medical expenses in the event of an accident or injury requiring clinical care.
  5. I shall not be under the influence of alcohol, drug(s) or doping product(s) when participating to the sporting activities.
  6. My participation in the IBL on the Move event is purely voluntary and I have chosen to participate with full knowledge of the facts and the risks associated with such sporting activities.
  7. I take full responsibility for my sports equipment.
  8. I agree to disengage the IBL Group from all claims, claims or legal / criminal proceedings that may be made by me and / or my assigns following my participation in the IBL on the Move event.
  9. I accept to exonerate the IBL Group from any legal / criminal proceedings and liability for loss of materials, damages and costs incurred by a participant, rescuer or any other person as a result of my conduct or participation in IBL on the Move.
  10. Despite all the efforts and precautions taken by the IBL Group, to ensure my safety, I reckon that these activities include certain risks that cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique  cachet of these same activities.
  11. These same risk factors can lead to loss or damage to property, injury, illness or, in extreme cases, permanent trauma, disability or death. I also understand that the IBL Group considers it important  to warn me in advance of the risks inherent in the sporting activities I have decided to participate in.
  12. I understand that by ticking the approval box, I accept never to sue the IBL Group for any bodily injury, loss or damage to my equipment or death of any person in any respect except for obvious professional negligence of IBL Group.
  13. I authorize the IBL Group to use, reproduce, and / or distribute photographs, films, tapes and recordings of my person for advertising purposes to promote the event. To that effect I also confirm having read and understood the privacy notice related to the sporting event.
  14. I understand and consent that the tracks can be modified for safety or logistics reasons without noticing the participants. I also understand and consent that the tracks distances communicated are only an estimation of the real distances. Participants may notice a maximum variation in distance as follows: 50m for the swim, 1km for the 6km run, 2km for the 12km run, 4km for the 40km MTB, 4km for the 20km MTB (relay).
  15. I understand that all the races are occurring mainly in open water, sugar cane fields and trails, but also crossing the main public road on several occasions, under assistance of the Mauritius Police Force and marshal team.
  16. I acknowledge and accept that the organisers of the sporting event reserve the right to cancel or change the format (and/or route) of the sporting event where it may become necessary or desirable to do so due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, such as (included but not limited to) sanitary restrictions enforced by the authorities, bad weather conditions, natural disaster, pandemic outbreak, riot  or any force majeure event beyond the organisers’ control.

11. Amendment of these Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations can be updated from time to time by the organisers and the latest version of the rules and regulations will be the applicable one. We recommend that, notwithstanding the date of your registration, you read the latest version of the rules and regulations.