On 2 March 2013, Yan de Maroussem, a Mauritian sportsman who is a trail and endurance running enthusiast, led a tour of the island composed of 5 sports, kayaking, cycling, running, roller-skating and offshore water skiing, while at the same time encouraging public support for a cause that is dear to GML, “A decent home for every Mauritian family”. GML and its Foundation had been supporting this cause for some years already, and GML On The Move, gave the Group’s employees the chance to push it further forward. Employees from all the GML subsidiaries were involved in this challenge and accompanied Yan in their favourite sport. The preparation of the event was such a success with the general public that they were invited to take part in the actual event, thus contributing to the fund-raising to help one or more families living in a precarious state.

The money raised was enough to buy a plot of land and build a house for the Chettiar family. They received the keys of their new house at an official ceremony held on 27 May 2015.