Previous Years


Les Cuisines Solidaires is a nonprofit organisation that prepares meals from unsold food items and delivers them to NGOs in the Curepipe region. The project employs women from underserved areas, helping them prepare for future opportunities. The Good Shop sells secondhand household goods and clothes to reduce waste. All their activities go towards benefiting education, employment, and the environment.

Created in 2007, TIPA is an NGO that empowers vulnerable children to become active citizens in our Mauritian society by favouring interactive pedagogy and art education. TIPA makes sure its beneficiaries have a suitable environment for their development: it supports teachers by running training workshops and conducts monthly discussions to sensitise parents as to the importance of being involved in the education of their children.

  • Lakongpagnman Skoler
    In Pailles/GRNW, Vuillemain and Alma
  • Kolektif Lafore Lespwar
    2017 – Personal development through theatre
  • Notions of Scouting
    2012 – Social Activity | Values, Responsibility and Discipline
  • We take care of 278 young people from 7 to 16 years old and have an excellent success rate. The children show better school results, increased confidence and become more socially responsible and aware.

The Passerelle association, which works with women who are victims of violence, is receiving a growing number of appeals for accommodation for homeless women. Passerelle has set up an emergency shelter so that these vulnerable women are not compelled to sleep on the streets anymore. With the fund raising of IBL ON THE MOVE 2018, Passerelle has set up a new emergency shelter to welcome more vulnerable women.

On the 4 of March 2017, IBL On The Move chose the fight against cancer by supporting the NGO Breast Cancer Care, founded by Shamima Patel. The association aims at informing and sensitizing public opinion to breast cancer. It comprises of 60 members which includes doctors and therapists. Their health professionals encourage women to go for an early detection through seminars, workshops and awareness campaigns which are held on a regular basis in different parts of the country. Up to now, they have offered free medical check-ups to more than 6000 women in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

The Joseph Lagesse Foundation and IBL On The Move have been able to raise funds in order to provide breast cancer patients with multiple gear and accessories, such as 45 compression sleeves, 500 mastectomy bras, 400 wigs, 200 scarves and 300 prosthesis. Allocations have also been given to 3 doctors for 3 screenings per month for a year, purchase of antiseptics and gloves, mammography screenings and ultrasounds for two patients per month for a whole year, carried out by the Mauritius Family Planning & Welfare Association, and finally, two breast reconstructions which have been completed in 2018.