On the 5 of March 2016, the GML Foundation Joseph Lagesse and GML ON THE MOVE supported the NGO Uni-Kidz in its project of making inclusive education a reality in Mauritius. Uni-kidz’ objective is to facilitate and promote the inclusion of disabled children and those with special educational needs in the national school system as from the pre-primary.

The GML Foundation Joseph Lagesse and GML ON THE MOVE were able to finalise numerous manuals and curriculums namely:
Teachers’ kit: Training manual for professionals such as school director, teachers, classroom assistants, nursery employees as well as all those with a direct link with children.
School-based Therapy Manual: This manual describes the processes used by the current educational system to give an operating Framework for every step of the children with special needs adaptation in a national school environment. This involved the diagnosis, the child’s progress reports, and the general operation report of the different pre-primary age group.
Parents’ guide to disability: Everything that a parent or relative needs to know about disability. It serves as a guide which regroups all products and services offered by the public sector, private sector and NGOs.
Curriculum: Development of a curriculum based on the National Curriculum Framework for children with disabilities or having special needs so that they have access to pre-primary education which is at the core of any stage of educational paths.