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“Un Abri Pour Elles” (Shelter for Women): Setting up an emergency shelter for homeless women.

The NGO Passerelle, which works with women who are victims of multiple forms of violence, is receiving a growing number of requests for accommodation for homeless women. On average, 7 women a day need an emergency shelter. The actual number of homeless women is difficult to assess not only because of their mobility, but also because they are hiding for fear of being abused or losing custody of their children. Unfortunately, due to lack of space and funding, more than half cannot be accommodated in the emergency shelter of the association.

There is no emergency shelter for homeless women in Mauritius. Passerelle wants to set up this shelter so that these vulnerable women do not sleep on the streets anymore. These women are regrettably not only alcoholic or suffering from psychiatric problems. Although this profile exists in most of cases, Passerelle is more about broken women who have fallen into precariousness. They are also women who, with their children are forced to live in unsanitary places or in a temporary emergency housing. Their main objectives are to meet the primary needs of their residents, including an intervention plan to reintegrate their beneficiaries.


Christabelle, 26, slept with her 5 children on the beach for over a month.

“Nou ti pé fer sanblan kanpé. I put sheets around the kiosk and boxes on the floor to sleep. Since we had no food, we asked the people around us. That’s when Coast Guard officers realized we were not camping. They then contacted the Child Development Unit (CDU). When the CDU officers arrived, my children were literally saved by people who had heard of Passerelle. The officers took us there. If I had not had a shelter that day, my children would not be with me today. “


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